Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

hola mis hermanos y hermanas!

this past week has been good!! the first week in clorinda already down for the count!! we had some really cool exspirences this past week!! well it being my first week here i am still trying to get to know the area! and the people!! and so far i like all the peaople in the area! we have some investigadors that have lots of potential for baptism so thats really cool!!

edwardo is our fisrt peroson that we are teaching!! he is a great kid always reads what we ask him to and is aleays waiting for us to come to his house and talk to him!! he is just a little fem! like alota fem!! haha but he is a good kid! we taught the law of chastity and straight up asked him if he was gay he said no so that was a big relief!! 

natalia: she is great she is gonna get baptised! she is already married and has a couple kids that are already grown up! but her husband works 6 months out of the year in buenos aries! so they only get to be togather for 6 months! he works in a type of police that he has to be cathlic and if he gets baptized he would have to do a lot of stuff and possibly loose his job!! but he said we could baptise his wife!!

javier and gabi: these two people are a young couple but arent marriad but have a young son! they were gonna get married but then diddnt feel right about it! but they are awesome!! he loves american music! but the other day we went to talk to them and i sat in a chair that was kinda unstable and when i leaned back i just didnt stop so i fell out of that chair!! haha it was funny!! but the next day after the lesson with them! i was talking to him about what music he liked and he started naming songs and i started naming songs then he satarted playing some good songs that i knew!! but i had told him that i liked metallica and then he changed it to a good metallica song!! so him and i were jamming out to this metallica song while my comp was playing vollyball with some little kids!! haha so im excited to go back to his house!! haha maybe another concert!! haha

well later that same day we were in a far part of our area and no one wanted to talk to us so we started heading back to our appartment and we say a little bond fire and a couple guys playing vollyball and so we walk buy and they invite us to play with them because we are greengos and dont know anytihng!! but its a good thing that i had kennis to teach me a few things so i didnt make me look too foolish!! haha but my comp played in highschool so he knows how to do stuff!! but these guys for never being couched were pretty dang good!! cause everything that they had learned was from watching stuff on tv!! but my comp was stoked cause he got to block one of the big guys spikes! haha i wont say how many he missed!1 haha

but this week really was good getting to know more people and figure out the area im in!! haha

it was great to hear from all of you guys that sent me and email!! and for those who didnt i have already forgotten your names!! haha but really!!

i love you guys all so much thamks for everything!!

Elder SCIsaacson

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