Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washinton DC

Ahhhh!!! Time is going too fast! Help! I do not like how time flies
when you are having a good time. This week there were several
experiences that made me reflect on my mission and how I feel so
comfortable feeling that I finally know how to do missionary work and
I have like less than 5 months left. But it means I get to work like
crazy and effectively for these next five!

So this week was a good one. We did have to spend quite a bit of time
preparing for this coming transfer this week because they have changed the way we do things now. So we are having fun juggling that. But we
had several really good teaching opportunities and experiences. The
first during the week was with Sis Bruce. (They have been working with her since Oct.  She is a "returning member" as Chan puts it๐Ÿ˜‰)  She is making such good
progress. We read with her in the Book of Mormon because she feels
like she is struggling to understand what is going on. We helped her
understand who people were and she instantly was relating their
experiences to her own life! It was incredible. She was saying things
like, "So when this happened to Nephi he did this so I could do it
like this." It was a good time. She related a lot of it to her and is
absorbing so much more now. We got her a calendar that has temple
pictures that she can use to help remind her of when the next temple day
is that we are aiming for her to go to. She is taking things one bite
at a time and doing well.

Another awesome visit we had this week was again shoveling snow. We
were called by a member who said his wife needed some help. We showed
up and she was out trying to get the snow out of her driveway and we
finished it for her. She is a great missionary and agreed to help us
service tract to find more people. We found Tom. He let us dig out a
car and he wanted to pay us. It is so fun to watch people so
bewildered that we don't accept any payment. We invited him to a few
Ward activities because he turned down a 5-20 minute visit. But one
more touch. The member is so good. She introduced us to several

The last awesome experience i will share was Saturday night. We had
been told our Ward had an activity that night and we convinced a less
active family to come. They have not been to church since I have been
here in Rockville. We get to the church and it was cancelled! No one
was there! And right behind us was them! Darn it! We still went inside
with them because they had brought food and why not teach them when
you are with them. We had a great talk and played soccer with them.
Their names are Andrew, the Dad, and Ben, the 11 year old incredible
soccer player. We played in the gym and it was a blast. It was just
what they needed! It helped their relationship and helped us
understand it better since the parents are divorced and we got to
become Better friends that they trust. It was a great experience. The lord
works in many ways.

So life is good. Transfers are coming but we are still teaching! Elder
Ord and I have changed a lot of things about being in this area and it
is helping a lot. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all and
remember to choose the right! It may not be easy but is ALWAYS worth
it. Have a great week!

-Elder Herring

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