Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

Oh boy! This week was just amazing :) Best. Christmas. Ever! We had so much fun as a zone and with the members and investigators in the area. The Christmas spirit is so strong here, especially with all the snow! There is a different type of joy that is introduced to you when you have Christmas on your mission. It's the true Christmas spirit, because you realize that the Savior gave everything for you. And now on a mission, I am giving everything to Him. The love I have felt these past weeks is incredible! So many people are out there to love! :)

This week was filled with so many small miracles. I have a strong testimony that when we do what is right, and are obedient, that the Lord will bless us. No matter what, in His own time and way. It's pretty amazing!

This week I have experienced a lot with following the spirit! There were so many instances where we saw the Lords hand in His work. We can't afford not to follow the Spirit! One instance this week, was I was on exchanges with Elder Boatright and we were really desperate to find someone's soul to save! We prayed a whole bunch and we were just sitting in a parking lot when we felt like we should go try talking to someone at the gas station. So we drove over there, and before we got there we saw a lady shoveling her snow, so we got out and helped her. She was a member, and she said she had been thinking about having her son take the lessons from the missionaries. She invited us in after we shoveled the snow, and we shared the Christmas video with him. He really enjoyed it, and asked us to give his sick son a blessing. It was a really neat experience.

There are so many small things like that that happen everyday in missionary work. And it doesn't have to be just for missionaries! Anyone can feel the power of the Holy Ghost if they are open and living righteously. Please never ignore a prompting from the spirit. Even the ones that seem weird, or like one of your own thoughts. I promise there is no harm done if it promotes to do good :) There are spiritually starving people out there, who need to know the Lord loves them! We can be that instrument in the Lords hand helping him progress his work! It's the best! :)

Thank you all SOOO much for all the wonderful gifts and letters. I received so many things, but the best is just knowing that you all love and care for me and the Savior. Thank you thank you thank you! I love you all so much, and I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Have a wonderful new year, and enjoy life! :) It's the best!

Elder Otto

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