Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

well i hit my 6th month mark last friday!! and so we opened my bag of reeses pieces to celabrate for the victory!!1 haha

this past week has been pretty good nothing exciting has happened or anything funny! but we did talk to all of our investigators!! 

Edwardo: he is doing good he still reads all the time he has come to church twice so now we are planning on baptizing him this saturday!!(PRAY) well we were talking to our other investigatores and edwardos mom pasted us so we waved and they asked how we knew her and we told her that we were teaching her son. then they started making gay jokes so we asked them cause that was our worry that he was gay. and they said yeah he is flaming gay!! cause i guess she is cousins with him and yeah he is gay!! but we said we asked him straight and he said that he isnt gay!! so well i guess we ask him again and see whhat he says if he says no we just have to trust him!! (SO PRAY)

Javier Y Gabi:so we were visting with these guy yestureday and they had just tole us that Edwardo was guy! so my comp trys to make the situation better by saying people have problems with drugs and alcohol people have problems with porn. and when he said that Gabi looked at javier and said he does!! and then he said she has one worse!! then everybody started to laugh so hard!!! so yeah my comp trying to help the situation turned out to being making it worse!!! haha but its right everyone has their problems and satan knows what they are and will use them!!

umm i dont really know what else happened this past week! nothing really more exciting then that!! 

well we had to clean the fount  for the sister missionaries cause they had a baptism! and the drain doesnt work so yeah we had to use buckets and get water out that way!! haha so yeah it was way fun!!!

really sorry for the short letter!! i promise to do better next week!! ill remember the days better and not let them blend together!!

thanks to everyone tht wrote me!! i love you all!!!

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