Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Tennessee

Hello everybody!! How did your Christmas go?? I sure hope they went
well. Mine was pretty amazing. On Christmas Eve we had to be in early
so we stayed the night at the Spanish elders apartment. We got bored
so we decided to catch stray cats with Bologna.. That was interesting!
Haha Christmas Day was great. We had breakfast at a member house and
afterwards we played Egyptian Rat Screw. It was a fun morning. Overall
it was a good week. It was definitely hard to stay focused on the work
during the holidays. It was awesome I got to see my family over Skype.
Oh yeah on Christmas Day we got over 8 inches of rain... It was
ridiculous. I've never seen so much water in my life. Haha I have
definitely enjoyed this Christmas season where mostly everybody is
nice and happy. It's a good time of the year when we are reminded of
the birth of our savior. I hope everyone enjoys their break this week.
Take care. Here is the cat we kidnapped! Haha

-Elder Crosby

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