Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washinton DC

Hello to all who read this. Not sure who does other than my parents and grandparents. But I love you all anyway haha :) so this week was good.  we have started with the pre transfer madness and it is going to be a lot of fun! This past week was Zone Conferences.

Tuesday... Tuesday was the first zone conference. We were in Seneca for the zone conference up north. It went very well and the trainings were great! There was a training by President on inviting for baptism, and the clarification of the church handbook policy. Sister Cooke had a wonderful analysis of Luke chapter 2 comparing missionaries to the shepherds. It's incredible and I'll have to share it with you when I get home! Elder Ord and I did a workshop on what kind of missionary do we want to be when we go home and where we are now.  tying in the New Testament and preach my gospel reads that we have been doing. After we had a historical moment! There's a member of the mission presidency named JS Armstrong. He is the most generous caring man ever to walk the face of the earth! We all think he's John the beloved. however, he's not the most organized. We went through and spent an hour and a half cleaning the back of his car. Just to see inside, where there was about a foot deep of just old crap that had been there since 2009! We felt very accomplished when we were done :-) we then went on an exchange with the Seneca's zone Leaders. They are incredible missionaries!

Wednesday... Today we had the DC and Rockville zone conferences. It was really good, the same as yesterday, and seemed to go really well. Right after the meeting we booked it to the Mission Office and raced president as we drove there. We were behind them but went around the corner did a U-turn and passed him and he didn't even see us. You should have seen how confused he was when he got to the mission office. :-) We finished out the night there doing all of our finalizing touches over the transfer. After we went to the metro where we are doing our 20 contacts at the end of the night. We saw A returning member and she helped us with our contacting! She's great!

Thursday... Silver Spring zone conference! This was a one zone conference that we were late to.  as we are driving there traffic was at a complete stop. It was bad! Throughout the course of driving today I got called a few nasty things by other drivers and had the one fingered wave. I love Maryland drivers! We then went and had our contacting time and that was just a lot of fun. We did a lot of contacting driving in the car where we roll down the window and talk to the people that just so happen to be right next to us at red lights. It's a lot of fun and keeps it exciting.

Friday... Today was the Suitland zone conference where we had the exact same schedule as the previous three days. So I won't go over it again. Today was also a monumental day. I officially became a dead sister. I've been out 18 months now. That's scary! And mom you know how you say you're worried about me losing weight I had the ladies make my pants fit a little bit better and guess how many inches they took off :-) they took off 4 inches from my pants! After I picked up my newly tailored pants we went to the trainer meeting where we train the trainer's for this coming transfer. It went very well and we are excited to see how they do. Elder Levi is training again so I'm going to have two grandchildren.

Saturday... Today we begin the day with a lesson at the visitor center with Cheryl. Let me tell you a little bit about Cheryl, she's amazing! She's a very logical woman and has been reading the book of Mormon every night for the last week since we first met her! She absolutely loved the "joy to the world" DVD that we gave her and watched with her. It's actually a very powerful movie and I hope you get a chance to see it. She's one who are very excited to see progress. She is seeking for truth and is going to follow it.  After that we went to the mall to get some lunch and Elder Ord was so kind as to buy my chipotle :-) that's enough for me to vouch for him in heaven. We then went to begin our 12 days of transfers checklist. And that is how we finished the day.

Sunday... This Sunday was wonderful. We started with Suitland stake coordination where we met with President Sakai A.k.a. future member of the quorum of the 12. We went over that stake and he talked to us about the missionary work there. He feels like we need to be more bold in our commitments which is so very true we can't be so passive but we can't be overbearing and how to find that fine line. He gave us some great advice and we are excited to implement it. We then went to the DC 2nd YSA Ward to get the sacrament because we would miss ours. They were doing their Christmas concert for sacrament meeting. That Ward 1st off is incredibly talented and so their choir was phenomenal! We closed the meeting by singing oh holy night with the congregation joining on the last verse. That was where my eyes sweat a little. It was so powerful. That Building has incredible acoustics. We finished the night with the Silver Spring state coordination and some more transfer prep. We seem to be pretty caught up now.  

Today... Today was great! We slept a little and then went to play hockey at the East West Chapel like I did a year ago. It was a lot of fun but made us just tired :-) we then went and did some shopping and now getting ready for the day. I love you all and I love receiving your emails and letters I hope you all have a wonderful week be safe choose the right don't do drugs! Have a good one love you!

-Herr Bear

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