Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie,

Well, this week has been crazy! Lots of stuff to do, lots of funny things, lots of cool experiences.
It's crazy to think that I only have 3 transfers left. I don't even really comprehend it. It's weird. But before I forget... I have a wish before I get home. Try and round up some German movies. Disney movies would be good. Also some other classics. That would be way cool to come home to. 

 On Monday, we went to Bad Herrenalb, but we first stopped in Frauenalb and visited an old "Kloster." I have no idea what the English word is. We then hiked through the Black Forest to Bad Herrenalb. It was a lot of fun. We also looked at Lederhosen at another shop. They were very expensive, and worse quality as ours. We came to the conclusion that we did very good with the purchase. We then went back to Karlsruhe and bought some tortillas from a Mexican food restaurant. We then went around the corner, to a Currywurst shop and got some really good Currywurst. I noticed that their menu had 5 levels of spice. None, middle, hot, crazy hot, and "au├čerirdisch." This would play a big role on my birthday. We then went to the church and emailed. After pday, we played sorry with two new converts. Haha Mondays are the best!

 Tuesday was also great. We had a normal day of studies and lunch, and then met with Sister Henschl at church. She is doing better I believe. After that we had another fallen out appointment. That is kind of annoying. We have set out 3 appointments with this guy, and he swears he's coming... But he never does. He is German too. Common curtesy goes a long way.
After that, we met with our good friend Sagbo. He got back from his vacation in Wetzlar. He asked us a lot of random questions about baptism. Turns out, they weren't so random. Apparently he prayed on New Year's Eve and got an answer to his prayers that he needs to give his life to God this year. He wants to be baptized for sure now. After that, we drove down to Baden Baden and met with Gloria. She is doing very well. She loves when we come by. She has a lot of great questions and she loves the church so far. Problem is, she works every Sunday morning. We've been praying that she can come to church. We taught her about the commandments.

Wednesday was interesting. We had a split with Elder White, one of the three aps. We still have no idea why they wanted to split with us, maybe because our area is on fire right now. We still don't know. But it was fun. We helped the Mainkas and then went to Baden Baden and tried to meet with our friends, but they weren't there, so we went back and met with Sandra, and then went to the church and Elder Draper and I prepared our Thema for zone training the next day. Elder White wanted our take on the mission, and things that could be changed. 

 Thursday we went to Heidelberg. We had zone training. Elder Draper and I were assigned the subject of "goals after the mission." Of course we wanted to have fun... So we focused on Celestial marriage. It was hilarious. People laughed the whole time. But it taught a good point. Without goals in life... There is no point. After zone training, I talked with Elder Bader. He is doing good. I still love that kid. 
Well... After Zone training we got a message from our crazy lady. It's the one I sent. Have you found a way to translate it yet? It's hilarious. I wish you could understand! She wants us to come save her from the people trying to kill her. Yeah... Not true.
Afterwards we rode home and met with sister Bailey. What a wonderful soul. Love that home. We taught her patience. I hope she gets baptized!

Freitag. Oh yes my birthday. We met with a new referral we got. A guy from Iran that has been here for 20 years. He has already had all of the lessons and wants to be baptized. We can do that. Haha.  Elder Homer and I went with sister Henschl to where her son his living at the moment and had a birthday party for me and her son. Sister Henschl gave me a present. It was very nice.  We then went back home to weekly plan. The other elders came home with some Currywurst. They got 4 normal ones and a one labeled "au├čerirdisch" the hottest thing on earth. It has ghost chili in it. Boy... Was it terrible. I ate three pieces fast... And then it hit me. It was AWFUL!! I thought I was going to die. I tried yogurt but it didn't help:( awful. The other three died too. What a fun birthday haha. Dying over chili.

Saturday  was awesome. President Stoddard came down to Karlsruhe to interview us. It was a long interview. Last interview before my leavers interview. It was awesome. He thanked me for everything. He told me that he is so thankful for everything that I do, and cried a little when he told me how much he loved and appreciated my good service. He also said he would have to pray long and hard how I was to finish me mission. Was very good.
After that, we played basketball with Sagbo and the friend he invited, Scharf. It was HILARIOUS. black People are awesome at basketball in America. But Africans are awful! Haha we filmed the whole thing. They just tackle us when we have the ball. Haha well... I can't talk... They killed us in soccer haha. We then took them around for a tour. Scharf became and investigator. Was very cool. We then took our language tests and then went home.

Sunday, was good. We woke up early and picked up Gloria and Lucky. They are awesome. We brought them to church and they loved it. Lucky asked us to push his date back.. And that is no problem. I just hope I don't get transferred. Transfers are on Saturday! Scary! The time!! Is is slipping away!! Two other investigators came too. Was very awesome. We also had a great talk with the bishop. We have made a lot of head way with him. He is good guy.  Afterwards we had a birthday party for an old lady in the ward. I spent all of my time speaking with a member from Switzerland. He was way cool. Just like Elder Bader haha. Then we helped the Mainkas again. Then we had call ins.

Well.. I have no idea what we are going to do today. Probably something with lederhosen haha.

I'll tell you about it when I get back

I love you all very much. Thank you for the awesome birthday wishes and all! It was truly awesome to watch the video! 
It has rained no stop hier!

Love you

Elder James 
Von meinem iPad gesendet

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