Sunday, September 6, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washinton DC

Well now that it has been three days I think I will write you again.
This letter will be a little different. It will talk about how my days work. So we have adjusted our meeting times to allow us to study.  First time in Assistant history! Woo Hoo! We love that time and it helps us set the tone for the day. So regardless of your situation you need to read your scriptures. We then will spend a few hours staring
into out computer screen to get things done. I don't even know where some of these issues come from but they come so we try to figure it out. We have started working on President and sister Cookes Christmas gift. If you have any ideas for a super awesome memorable gift that
would be great. We are thinking of continuing the signed sports Jersey. They have one for the Nats, and the Capitols so we might do the Redskins. We shall see. Also we will take them to Handells Messiah
at the Kennedy center and have a super good dinner, and we are going to try to make President cuff links like the mission challenge coin. It will be cool. Ideally we will get a center piece for a table that
is a stone or iron model of the cities monuments but we can't find anything. These are just some things we are thinking about. Any way... That was like car conversation. We spend a lot of time looking at the missionaries and how to help them, we are going to start spending a
lot of time on splits. We planned well to have all day Saturday in our area. But of course we were in the office until around 2 then we went out. It was great talking to people, teaching a few people. We got two
new investigators for the Spanish missionaries. That was a good time.
I just stood there while Elder Ord taught in Spanish. It was super interesting. Very sincere. We got yelled at by an old lady who hates 7th day Adventist who she thought we were. We tried to clarify but she
only got more angry. It was quite fun. She said, "get off my property! You don't take no for an answer do you?!? I said never come back on this street again we don't want you!" Etc etc. the funny thing was we
offered to help with their yard work and we were on the sidewalk so public property and her son mentioned that to her. It was comical but sad she was so angry.

We dropped in on a companionship that night. We were driving to go see a member but both felt like we needed to see this
one companionship. So we drove by to see if they were home it being before 8:30 when they should be in and one of the two companionships was home and the other was walking in from their car carrying a ton of groceries. They spent golden hours shopping at target. It was a good teaching opportunity to help them realize how time is short and should not be wasted. We all had a good talk and helped the trainee
understand to work until it was time. Not just come in.

So that is a jumbled letter but my life is now jumbled. I hope it made a little
sense. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Herring

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