Sunday, September 6, 2015

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everybody!

What a wonderful week I had! I'm so grateful to so many wonderful people in my life who made my birthday so special! It was such a wonderful day!!!! Oh man. I woke up to presents my family and my last companion, Sister Wilde had sent me. Thank you so much!!!! I went downstairs and the kitchen was all decorated with fun presents and a cake that the member we live with, Sister Quinn, had bought me. She sprayed me with silly string as I walked down the stairs and I almost fell down them I was so surprised! Haha. It was so fun! I made our famous Platt family breakfast (corn-chipped beef) for my comp and Sister Quinn. It was delicious! At the meetings I had, everyone sang Happy Birthday and teased me about turning 40, and 60, and 70, and so on. (I'm super old in the mission...) It was hilarious! Then, Sister Leah Martin from Strasburg (one of my all-time favorite people!) took me and my comp out for lunch for sushi and she bought me some wonderful gifts. It was so great! Then she spent about 4 hours with us coming to meetings and 2 appointments with investigators and a recent convert. The Book of Mormon musical is in town right now, and she and several other public affairs reps decided to write an article about what the Book of Mormon really is about and how it changes lives, and a bit about missionaries and what we do. She interviewed several other missionaries and I'm excited to read the article and see what influence it has on the public!!  So many ways to do missionary work! Then, a couple of my zone leaders attacked me with silly string and gave me some down-right hilarious cards! A couple of other elders in my zone made me pumpkin pie and bought me cupcakes, and then some members in our ward had me over for cake and ice cream. Several other members and missionaries gave me gifts as well. HOLY COW!!!!! Am I spoiled or what? It was THE best day ever. I got to spend it with members, missionaries, investigators, and recent converts that I love. What a better way to celebrate my last year in my 20's? I truly am so blessed. I really don't deserve it!!
Sorry for that looooong description of my b-day but it was just so wonderful I had to share! I love birthdays! Any reason to celebrate, really, I just love. Anyhow, last week Elder Zwick from the 70 and his wife came to visit the mission. He spoke in Conference about 3 of 4 conferences ago about marriage and communication. He told the story about his wife jumping out of the truck with the baby. (that's how I remembered him!) Anyhow, it was amazing! Oh my goodness. We got loved on and chastised and had spiritual mind-blowing moments! He met with all the leaders on Wednesday, then that night he had a meeting with ward-council leaders in like 5 stakes and the missionaries, then we had zone conference with him on Friday. It truly was such an incredible experience! Lots of changes happening in the mission that I'm excited for. Stay tuned!
Also, last week we got a new investigator! But, we'll probably have to pass her off to the single's ward elders (bummer). We met her at the Sprint store when we went in to get our phone fixed. Her name is Alexah, she's 19, and she's a Jehovah's Witness. She's so nice and open to learning. She fed us dinner and we shared the first lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon to read and to pray about. She told us before we left that she felt just so good about reading that book. We told her it was the Spirit and testified of it again. It was really neat and we're meeting with her again tomorrow! I've been praying that she'll read the Book of Mormon sincerely and with an open heart. We've picked up a couple of other investigators as well and will be meeting with them this week so we're praying that will go well!
We had a really sweet, tender experience last night. We went over to Pam and JC's (they're the potential investigators we've been watering their flowers for) to give them back their key. JC is a very dry Catholic and Pam is not religious whatsoever. As we were talking with JC we teased him about coming to church and then he got really somber and expressed to us that he wanted to and will do it after his surgery this coming month. MIRACLE!!! And then his wife was telling us how she didn't believe in anything and she was fine with that. I then felt prompted to tell her about my grandma's passing and how even though I didn't know the details of what happened after this life, I knew she was with me. I felt her so strongly right after she passed and I have moments when I still feel her. I testified to Pam that I knew I would see my grandma again. She got quiet and JC teared up. The spirit was so strong and I could feel my grandma in the room. It was a wonderful experience and I left there feeling my grandma close by my side. It's truly wonderful having a 3rd (well, I guess 4th counting the Holy Ghost) companion with me! I get 4 companions. How cool is that? Also, Pam and JC's daughter Alyson has been asking us so many questions and she almost accepted a Book of Mormon the other day. She expressed how she didn't know why, yet, why missionaries are in her life but she thanks God every day that they are. And since she has met us, she has been praying more and feeling closer to God. Miracles, miracles. Do you know what's amazing? It's God that's doing all the work. Yes, we get to be His vessels and we help in a small way, but really it's all Him. I feel SO blessed to be a part of this wonderful work!! I never want it to end!

Well, thanks again to all of you wonderful, amazing people for making my birthday so great! I think what made it so memorable was knowing how blessed I am with countless hero's and heroine's who have made me into who I am today. I love you all and God bless you!

Love, Sister Platt

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