Sunday, September 6, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie,

 Hey! Happy Birthday to a special  princess! Praise the queen! 
I'm excited to write again today. It feels like it's been a long time. How are you guys? This week feels weird. Probably because our pdays were all screwy. But it's all normal now. The weather has been great. It's cooled off, and we can definitely feel the Herbst in the air. I'm really excited. I love German weather actually. The summers are hot... But it would be ok if we didn't have to wear shirts and ties. Let me just tell you... I am so excited to come back here with you. I really hope that happens. If you need extra money for that... Just sell my metal detecting treasure. I want to visit my areas with you... And show you everything I've seen. And then I want to go to France and Switzerland and down to München. That would be a blast. I want you to see what I've seen. No picture really shows it all.

 On Monday we had a normal day. We met with Ed, and the Gibson family.  Nothing really to report. Except! I found something SUPER COOL!! I was doing family history with Ed... And I went back to our German ancestors. My great great great great and so on grandma, was married in Zweibrücken! That is in my area!! It feels so cool! I love family history! I take that as a miracle. I am so thankful for things like that! I really want to go down to Zweibrücken, and ask the local churches, if I can see the marriage records from the 16 hundreds. If I do that, I will get a copy and send it to you. Mom: can you send me a list of all people and events and areas from our German ancestors? I'm going to make a map with that info. I always say this to German members... But I am so thankful to serve in Germany, because of my ancestors from here. I get to see the same things, breathe the same air, and speak the language of my fathers. So cool! Also, can you add all this info onto my family tree online? My consists of only me, my parents, and your parents. It won't let me go further.

Tuesday- was a lot lamer. We studied. Cleaned. And then had a lesson with Ed. It went really well. He is totally ready to be baptized on the 12th. Funny thing is, I think he is going to have me do it. He really likes me. I'm also thankful for my mission... It's teaching me that people really do like me, and that I can be a super friendly, loving person.

 Wednesday was very busy. I was on a split with Elder Moore. We had a great time and talked for awhile. We went and taught Brian, a less active guy about 24 years old. He is cool and really needs our help. We watched as he played a video game... Cuz that's what he does. And we need his friendship. We then went to the Rathaus and got me legal here. I did it all in German. Pretty easy. My German isn't getting any worse here. I study in German. I can do the Isaiah chapters as easy as I can in English now. I actually really struggle reading in English. I can't pronounce words to save the life of me. We then split back and taught Ed. We taught him about Jesus and he had great questions. After that... We went on splits. I went with the bishop, who is an awesome guy. We went to four appointments, and taught about family to people on base. They all went really well.

On Thursday, we had zone training, and pPresident Stoddard was there. He is such a nice guy. He is also way funny. He told us there was a special ceremony for burning Books of Mormon. Hehe that guy. It was good. We did a role play on the Atonement. We met with Ed, then ran to another appointment across town. A less active named Jazz. He speaks German, but English with the missionaries. But, he and I spoke German the whole time, and his son, who is a non member, wants to play ping pong with me. Sweet!

Freitag- we were on base. A priest drove us on base. As we were signing on with our passports, a Sargent began interrogating us, asking why we were there. I explained that our stake president told us to be here once a week. And that we knew the rules... Not to speak to anyone, unless talked to. It was weird. But we still got on. After the base, we weekly planned and that met with SIster McKay. She is way cool. She brought us food to the church. We talked for a while. She loves missionaries. We were talking about castles. I told her about all the castles I knew of and she made me make her a list. Everyone wants me to make lists of cool things. Probably cuz I spend a lot of time studying maps. We had so much fun in Giessen. I can plan good p days haha. BUT! Next week, they are driving us to Burgeltz! Look that sucker up! It is actually better that Neuschwanstein...because it is way older. And the tours are cool. I'm so pumped!

Samstag was way slow. We helped with a primary activity, then we gave out a bom to a family. Then I made Elder Blau fix the whole area book cuz it was a flipping mess. I won't have that haha. Then we met with the Durfee family. Brother Durfee and I had a good talk about military stuff. I learned many... Cool things. But if I tell you... I'll have to kill you! Sorry!

Sonntag war wunderbar. Wir hatten einen Termin mit unserm gml. Dann hätten wir Gemeinderat. Ed ist diese Woche gekommen! Er hat es genossen. Wir haben mit den Priestern über Keuschheit gesprochen hehe. Es war gut! Dann hatten wir einen Termin mit der Kinsmen Familie. Er hat sein Mission in Frankfurt gedient, sogar in Hanau. Hanau war in meinem letzen Gebiet. Ich hab dort geschlafen, genau wo er gewohnt hat. Die selbe Wohnung.  Cool.

Sunday was wonderful. We had an appointment with our GML . Then we had ward council . Ed has come this week ! He has enjoyed it . We spoke to the priests about chastity hehe . It was good! Then we had an appointment with the Kinsmen family . He has served his mission in Frankfurt , even in Hanau . Hanau was in my last area . I slept there , exactly where he lived . The same apartment . Cool .
Jetzt English.

Today, we are going to a castle that I found. I hope it goes well. I've always wanted to play chess in a castle. Today is the day! 

Well yeah... That's about it! I love you guys,very much. I love teaching about families, knowing that mine is sealed to me, and always by my side, no matter how far away I am. I am so thankful for the knowledge, that I can be with my family forever. How sad for the people who don't believe that. How truly, truly sad. Stay strong familie!
Love you guys!
Elder James.

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