Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everybody!

So, I'm SO excited to tell you about the biggest miracle we had last week (this is all I have time for). One of my former investigators, Lee, moved from Strasburg to Westminster 6 weeks before I left Strasburg. We gave her teaching record to the elders there, but they had a difficult time meeting with her. Well, after I got here, we found her teaching record in our area book!!!! She's in my ward boundaries! Satan tried to stop us from going there (it's actually a funny story, but I don't have time for it), but it didn't work! We got to her house, knocked on the door, and I heard her yell "Come in." We walked in (I practically ran in) and I ran up to her and said "Lee I'm here! It's Sister Platt! Do you remember me?" She looked so shocked and confused at first! But then she said, "Yes, of course I remember you!" I gave her a huge hug and we talked for a bit and then set up a time to come back. We went back on Saturday with a member and re-taught the Plan of Salvation. She listened more this time and I can tell she's changed. She's so ready to get baptized! Please pray this week that she'll accept a baptismal date! I feel like this is why I was transferred to this ward. I truly do! At least it's part of the reason. I love this woman with all my heart and I know she will get baptized!

I just want you all to know that God is so good. He's so merciful and loving. He provides daily miracles, just look for them! I love Him with all my heart. He's given me so many blessings! Turn to Him in times of trial and know that there's always something to be learned. Use your agency to act as Christ would act in times of trial. I've learned that that's really what agency is all about. It's more than just choosing between good and evil. It's choosing to act like Christ would act or not. So act as He would act in ALL things and in ALL places and at ALL times. 

And one more thing, I've been hearing from discouraged missionaries lately of members comparing them to other missionaries because other missionaries have baptized and they have not. Please understand that the # of baptisms does NOT, in any way, constitute a good missionary. I've seen many, many disobedient missionaries baptize. And then they go home and go less-active. But, I've seen many, many obedient missionaries not baptize or not baptize very much, and they go home and they stay active and they become leaders in the church. It is NOT about numbers and I'm tired of the church culture of lots of baptisms = a good missionary. Are we still striving for baptisms? Of course! Is that our number one goal as missionaries? You better believe it! But Elder Bednar, when he came to our mission, told us the only measure of success for us as missionaries is if we are fully obedient on our missions. Think about that with life as well. The measure of success for us in life is if we're fully obedient to the Lord. And full obedience makes us consecrated. I truly know that and believe it! The Savior is the center of all we do! If we strive to become like Him by obedience to His teachings and a love of God and of all men, then we become consecrated as He is. I love Him with my whole heart!

Well, I love all of you so much and hope you have a wonderful week! God bless you and thanks again for everything! You all are SO amazing!

Love, Sister Platt

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