Sunday, September 6, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

Chiang Mai
well the first full week was great! i am learning to love the north its the perfect are i think its surrounded by jungle and also has plenty of people to invited but this started off pretty relaxed we had last pday just got to relax and get to know the area we also went to a family home evening tuesday we had the chance to teach english which is a highlight we got a couple referals from an investigator who introduced us to friends and his girlfriend but it went well wednesday was interesting we invited and taught some recent converts and taught a monk who is currently one of my investigators he is pretty cool hes about 16 and thursday we invited and taught less active members and planned and also helped the members out with some things like paper work:) friday we had a service project in cleaning up this grandmas yard i was interesting! and we also had sports night mixed with book of mormon class which was pretty good turn out:) saturday was great we had the chance to meet with some less actives and bring them to church also has the chance to serve another grandma which is great she lives alone so it was good for the visit with member and clean up he yard! sunday we had sessions of church and eating and we also had the ngiht of going and inviting it was great week but i believe next week will be better also this is the sisters investigator who i baptized! i love you guys hope all is well!
Love Elder Davis

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