Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Elder McKell Bradshaw in Scotland

So this week was pretty average. More dropped appointments.... Rained a lot.... oh the joys of Scotland! Hahaha you probably all think I'm having a terrible time huh? Haha not really! For some reason, I really can't explain, but I love it more everyday! We have a guy named Derick that were going to teach if you doesn't fall asleep and forget about us coming 30 minutes before we get there next time... He's solid though! So that should be good! Oh and the craziest thing happened yesterday! We knocked on this lady's door, and were have a good ole conversation about the gospel and stuff! Gave her a Book of Mormon, and she told us how she though Jehovah's Witnesses were crazy, and how our beliefs seemed normal! Then she just randomly said, "Yeah, Id like to be a Mormon"..... LIKE WHAT!?!?!?! That never happens!!! Elder Hansen and I were about to pass out we were so shocked!!! So yeah, were going to definitely be teaching her soon! So big things happening soon!!!

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