Sunday, September 6, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well this last week has been a learning experience for sure...

Monday (17th)... Ok let's think back. This, my last day in Anacostia, was good. We got up and had our normal routine and all and I wrote you all. But that evening was when I joined Elder Perrin and Elder Ord.
They are two fantastic missionaries. We switched and went to the Prince family's home. Let's just say it makes great Gatsby look like a trailer. The nicest home and most incredible decor I have ever seen.
The home itself was $15 million. Needless to say the food was good.  But we were not the only missionaries there. He was feeding the entire Seneca Zone! We had ribs, burgers, etc, etc. he made his fortune by finding a medication that has something to do with SIDS. He gave us an incredible lesson. He talked about owning our religion. So powerful and he then told a great story about President David O Mckay. On his 78th birthday he was at home asleep when a Methodist minister from
the Salt Lake area came to wish him happy birthday. They were both the same age. But since he was asleep his wife told the minister she would relay the message and thanked him. When Pres. McKay recieved the message he went to the ministers apt and returned the favor and expression of kindness. After a great conversation pres. McKay was leaving and the minister said he wanted to give him a blessing. Pres.
McKay recieved it humbly and then gave one in return. It is a great expression of how to respect other faiths. They are doing all they know how. Bro. Prince had a local artist recreate the image and I will email a picture. It is cool.

Tues... New Arrivals! Woo Hoo! Long day but good. We had to hurry to get a lot of stuff done for the transfer in the morning and today I experienced what Dad did. It was just as odd as you said it would be.
I drove by myself several times. I was alone for a total of about 3 hours. Just driving different times when we had to split up. So weird!  We picked up the new arrivals and they are a great group of kids. Very
green haha. We had them Metro to the temple where we took pictures and then to the mission home to have dinner, testimonies, learn a little about them all, president interview them, then finalize the transfer.  We were up until 2:30. Long day.

Wednesday... So we got up at 4:30. We were very tired haha. We prepared more stuff then off to the Cookes for the new arrivals to get fed and to the transfer. With 18 new arrivals and like 10 departing the transfer went super fast especially compared to what was expected.
The parking lot was empty when president Cooke was scheduled to start his closing remarks. It was great! We took the departing to the airport and had the traditional meal at Bens Chili Bowl. It is pretty good. We went to the office next and spent about 6 hours there sending stuff out, updating, etc etc. fun times.

Thursday... Today I was introduced to my desk job, I sat at a desk and nonstop worked on updating and reporting both of us for 8 hours. We eventually had to leave, darn ;) and we met President at Lowes to get a new grill for the mission home. Theirs is bad and Elder Perkins is coming. After that we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger (yes that is spelled correctly,) this is a Cooke tradition where they put you in
the middle of the table and all sit around you and drill you with questions. They try to get to know you because they will be with you for a while. You can see how sister cooke was a lawyer because she asks super good questions. President was so tired. He asked a few but you could see he was done. He is in his late 60s. Busy man. We then went to their home for another late night and prepared for Elder Perkins visit.

Friday... Meetings! We had our meeting with the ZLs and prepared the training plans and all that for the transfer. All that and more desk job.

Saturday... Again meetings all day with the leadership of the mission presenting the training plans and then the mission office for a while but we were done with that so we went to our area. Nothing was
too pressing so we found a lady and taught her. It was good. Elder Ord is a great teacher and he and I taught well with each other. It was a good lesson and took us to the end of the night. We came home and
reported some more. Then sleep!

Sunday... We had our Ward coordination meeting and that was good to meet our WML. He is a cool guy and then I had to leave. I went on exchanges with Elder Thornton. We went to the stake coordination meeting for Suitland and had all that stuff. It was good to be in a
familiar place. We then switched back and elder ord and I went to the Seneca stake coordination where we met with Elder Perkins before for interviews. He is a great guy. Related to the Hancocks in the white
mtn area and his family settled Taylor. Very nice and for sure a general authority. We had the meeting and then dinner with him and two of the stake presidents. It was good to hear the discussion of what
concerns the church has and what they are working on. It was a good visit.

Monday... Early morning to make it to the DC stake center on time to set up for the Zone Conference with elder Perkins. He is a great man. He talked about our missions need to be more bold, learn PMG more, and talk to everyone. We looked at the results of a survey salt lake sent us and our mission is the bomb. We are Better than most missions and we are the healthiest mission in the world. Literally. We are the
greatest mission in the history of life. Haha sorry Kort. Tokyo is a close second. We ended the day with elder Perkins talking about the need to teach about Joseph smith faster and with more power. Get to
the point of what makes us different. We had a senior couple BBQ with him and then home. Preparing for the next mornings meeting.

Tuesday... Last day of elder Perkins. Most of the same content as yesterday but still great. He reported to us and president that we are a very obedient mission. He was impressed with that and how well we
taught, he loved being here and the only thing we could do better is don't say, "you guys" to a group of people. Say something more professional. It was good. Made me laugh that that was his only concern but it was good. We had cafe rio for dinner and more mission office.

Wednesday... Today was specialized training for the new arrivals. It is long and all we do is direct people on where to go and solve issues when we aren't giving a training. Good times. Nothing too bad because these kids are awesome! We then had staff meeting with the office staff and looked at the coming transfer with president. It is a mess. A lot of issues with some missionaries. We had a late dinner and bed.

Thursday... Today is a half PDay! Woo Hoo! Not sure what the day holds but we shall see. Sorry for the long letter but I love you!  I am enjoying this calling. Since this was transfer week and a visit from Perkins we have not been able to teach. But this coming week we should have a lot more opportunities. It has been a lot of fun and I enjoy knowing what is going on. Haha love you!

Elder Herring

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