Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Elder McKell Bradshaw in Scotland

Its been great to hear from everyone! This week has been pretty great!! Started out slow, but really picked up towards the end! Did a lot of finding as normal! But we had the biggest answer to our prayers this week!! We met a guy named Corrie! Corrie is a stud! He pretty much came to us and said he wanted to know more about the church! We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized!! He said YES!!! I wanted to cry I was so excited!!!! So moral of the story is that prayers are answered!!! Sometimes they take awhile! because that was an answer to a prayer that started 2 months ago! But the answer does come!! Patience sure helps too! So that has been pretty much the week! All is well here in Scotland! Except for the fact that its getting cold....

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