Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie,

 Hallo! How are you guys? I'm doing really well. This week was great! We got a lot done and I feel successful! Today is crazy. I am so excited! I have gotten super good at planning things. I love planning trips. I especially love planning because of the time aspect. It's amazing what we can get done, when we really plan our every second. Well, after much planning, I got my district a free trip to one of the most famous castles in all of Europe. Burg Eltz. According to the members, it is cooler than Neuschwanstein. I am so excited. But of course... There is always negativity to be found. I've decided to not plan any more cool pdays here until next transfer. There are.... Problems about separating a certain person from seeing a certain person. That is pretty annoying. But next transfer it will be ok.  But yeah. Burg Eltz. We are leaving at 8:00. I am waking up at 4 in the morning, so that I can clean, study, and get ready in time for 8. 

Now today is pday. I cleaned all morning and am exhausted. It is cold today. The clouds make it dark, and it alludes to rain, but I'm excited anyway.

Last Monday we went with Brian, a less active, to a couple of castles. It was Elder Bader and I. We had a super fun time. There is a video of me stuck in thorn bushes. I will try to send a clip. We saw a huge ruin, and then went to an even bigger monastery, that is super, super old. I'm so thankful to be here! I love Germany and every last ounce of culture, that I get to enjoy! I am so blessed. That night, we went to the Reynolds house for fhe. Bridget was there. We taught the first lesson. It went great. Spirit was very strong.

Tuesday, we helped my homeboy Nick. He is dead set on taking me and my parents around Germany when I get back. We helped him all day and he was so thankful. We taught him the first and second lesson. He really liked it and expressed interest in learning more. So cool! I love that guy!

Wednesday was ddm. Elder Bader and I had a split together after wards. We taught Ed and then went to a members appointment. The Kinsmens. Great family. We taught about service. When we got home, I put a piece of ice in my mouth, and it got stuck, and cracked... So.. There is another video of me spitting blood into my sink. Cool yeah? I have the exact same sense of humor:) you'll see.

Thursday, we walked over to Brother Matamoros, the crazy Spanish dude. He had us fix his computer, that wasn't broken at all. But we helped him. He had a really funny mug. Like the mugs from land of the lost haha. Then Elder Bader and I met with Ed again, and taught tithing, my favorite commandment. Then we split back, and went with the Houskeepers to the castle restaurant. I love them so much! Such a great family. They have a great story. They have an insane story of pretty much everything you can think of. I love their dogs. We ate really great food. The picture was a plate of what the king would have eaten back in the day. Mmmmmmhmmm I love Germans. I was the only one who could talk with the waitress hehe.

Friday was good, we didn't get on base, so we just weekly planned and then we had Ed's interview. He passed, but was told to switch coffees. He did. He drinks the ok stuff now. The zone leaders dropped us off in Landstuhl to be picked up by the Houskeepers to help them move into a huge house. While waiting in Landstuhl, I had the feeling to walk to bahnhof. We did. On the way, we walked through the city center, and a guy that I saw opening his window, yelled at us to come to his house. So we did. He told us to come back the next day. We helped the Houskeepers and then met with the Sanchezs and their evil kitten. They are great too.

Saturday was crazy. We went to a baptism of an 8 year old, and studied at the church. After that, we made a split with the other elders. I was bringing Elder Moore to the guy we met the day before, because he spoke German. Remember, the guy that yelled to us? Yeah well, I went and met with him and set a baptismal date for the 3 of October. Hehehe on Trevor's birthday! Hehe he is from Congo. He is the others investigator though.  Then President Stoddard came to interview Katja for baptism. I talked with him for a while. Good guy.

I've been playing a lot of piano lately. Getting pretty good!

Sunday, was also good. Ed came of course. We had a good day. I loved it.
Then we met with the bishops familie. Great!

I am so excited!!! I can't wait to go to burg Eltz, it's gonna be sick!

I love you guys! Go serve and love one another! I'll write you later today!!

Elder James 

Von meinem iPad gesendet

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