Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

Pues como están mis queridos amigos y familiares?!

Todo esta bien aqui conmigo! :)

Well, guess what?! I got transfered! again. I was sooo sad to leave Comayagua and my dear companion. When we got the calls, i was totally shocked cuz i thought i would for sure be staying. But the Lord has other plans. I am now back in the city in an area called Las Americas. It the area of the temple which has been such a blessing for me :) we walk by it everyday and our church building is rigth next to it. THey made me a Sister Training Leader which also was a complete suprise. It has been a hard week as we have lots of things to do. But i am soo grateful for this chance to learn and to grow. My new companion is Hermana Fabian. SHe is from Guatemala and is so amazing :) OUr area is huge (i know i say that a lot. but its the truth!) And we are walking tons again! :) We have had a lot of wonderful experiences this week and we are currently working with a family. THey should be getting baptized in these next few weeks. THey are the family Fornus. 

Anyways, i love you all soo much. I love this mission and i am so grateful for the chance to serve. I have come to love and understand my Savior in ways that i didn´t think possible. I know that change is real. I know that the Atonment works. He visto bastantes milagros en mi mision y cada día El Señor me da mas fé y mas deseo de trabajar. Amo este pais. Amo esta obra. Mi desafio por cada uno de ustedes es compartir cuando tengan la oportunidad, con sus amigos, con su familia, con todos! Todos necesitan el evangelio en sus vidas y cada quien puede ser un instrumento en los manos de Dios. Les quiero un monton y estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que hacen. 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Platt

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