Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Hey there! How is everyone??:) aren't you guys just exited for
conference this week like I am? I sure hope so. For some reason I am
exited for it. Usually I'd just fall asleep watching it... But I don't
plan on doing that anymore. It's such a blessing for us to have a
prophet who is so loving and caring, who is so wise and helpful to all
of us. This conference is going to be a good one because we are
getting 3 new apostles! So earlier this week we were teaching a lady
who just got baptized in May about General Conference and how we need
to prepare to receive the message that is going to help us best in our
lives. And one thing we told her to do was to pray about something
that she needed an answer to. So she did and she has questions ready
for conference. I think it's so Important for us to have questions
ready, because that's the best way to learn is through having
questions, so when the time comes we can find those answers through
the speakers in conference. And that's what I am doing and that's what
I would like to challenge all of you to do as well as you prepare to
listen to our prophet and his apostles. We are so blessed to have such
great leaders in this church who dedicate their lives to serving the
lord and us as a church organization. I know we can find answers to
the questions we have through the words of the prophet because they
are inspired and they have such a powerful spirit with them. I love
this gospel and how it blesses and directs my life. I am grateful for
all of you and especially my family. I know when we do the best we can
to be examples to others around us we will have happiness and joy in
all we do. I wish had more to tell you about, but we had kind of a
slow week so i will make sure to get some good stories and experiences
for next week! I hope and pray you have a good week and that you will
watch and listen to the wise leaders of this church this weekend.

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