Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everybody!

I have like no time so this is gunna be oober short!

I got transferred to Westminster, Hidden Lake Ward. My companion is Sister Smith and we got "swept in" to the area or "whitewashed" in. That means that we're both brand new to the ward. Also, we're sharing the ward with our Zone Leaders, who also got "swept in" and who are also both brand new zone leaders! It will be fun and crazy! I cover the sisters in this zone and also in the Arvada zone (which is right by the mountains - I FINALLY get to go hiking and see all the leaves change!). I'm stoked! It will be a fun, lovely, crazy transfer.

My last week in Fox Hollow was great! We got a new investigator named Katie and she's golden (of course - right when I leave). We taught her twice and she told us that the Book of Mormon teaches the same things as the Bible and is just like the Bible, only different characters.....we were stunned! She said, "yeah, it has to be true! It just makes sense". The only thing right now (as far as I know) from her making a decision to be baptized is she's worried about her grandma, who was a staunch Catholic, would not approve - but she's passed on - so, I'm positive she will approve and that she'll want Katie to do her temple work! So, I'm praying she will get baptized! 

Sarah's funeral was really good. It was sweet and wonderful. I'm grateful I got to attend and I'm praying like made we can do her temple work! There were a bunch of other miracles/funny moments that happened, but my brain is so fried right now, I can't really think of what they all were! #oldladyproblems

Well, I'd better run. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of missionary experiences! Please always support and love your local missionaries - especially the ones that are disobedient. They're still kids (a lot of them) so help them and guide them and love them. Heck, we're all disobedient in different ways right? I still struggle with being exactly obedient. But, I'm realizing more and more how much better it is to be exactly obedient - that means that you WANT to be obedient and you strive every day to be so. It doesn't mean to be perfect. But it does mean you want to follow God and you do your best. So, keep doing your best every day! Love you all and God bless you!

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