Monday, September 28, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie

Hey guys! This week was incredible! So much stuff was going on! I
really can't even explain it all.
Well. Guess I better start!

On Monday we just chilled at the church. It was lame but relaxing. We
just emailed and then ate at a crappy Chinese food restaurant. But...
Memories right?

Tuesday we met with the Adwinculas. Great family, I love them a lot.
They are super members. I love hearing the testimonies of members
around the world. A really great way to strengthen mine. Also on
Tuesday, we had Elder Blau pack his bags. I cleaned a lot, which was
good. We then met with Ed, preparing him for Saturday. He was so
nervous. I told him we would be here every step of the way. And he
felt better. He is a great man.

Mittwoch- we had ddm, even though I didn't really want to. Ddms on
transfer week are in my option a waste of time. Oh well. We went and
met with the Will and Robin Familie. I love them. I can't wait to
start working with them hard core. I love everyone here:) then we
hosted Saarbrücken elders. They came and stayed with us before
transfers. Sleep over! It was a lot of fun.  We talked and had a great

Thursday was also wonderful. We stuck
Elder Blau on a bus and sent him
on his way to Paderborn. Elder Lee and I were on a split this whole
day. We ate a döner. And had a Great time. We help Ed out with family
history and then talked with Moore and Bader for a while. Then my new
homie came to town. I love Elder Hall! He is such a good guy! I love
serving with him. Tell his mom I like him. He be cool.  Haha we taught
the Houskeepers German that night. It was super good. I love them.

Friday- we had weekly planning and then we taught Ed, and addressed a
lot of concerns. He asked me to baptism him. I always want members to
do it, but I feel extremely honored to do that for somebody. I have
baptized a LOT more people then I ever thought I would. I feel very
very blessed. I must be doing something right. Thank you for your
prayers. Really. I feel so blessed. And I am much happier with Elder
Hall. We then had dinner with  the Houskeepers. Write
them and tell them that I love them. Really. They're great people.
Crazy... But good. Are you really planning on staying with them? That
would be so awesome! They are serious about you guys coming. They're
gonna make space in the basement.

Saturday was the day. We had a baptism! Ed was baptized. But that
morning was hard! I couldn't find my baptism pants, so... I was
freaking out... But it worked out. The church had a pair. Elder Hall
and I got to the church early and filled the font. With freezing
water. We had the brilliant idea  of pouring warm water from the
kitchen into it, but it didn't do much. Brother Nelson brought a bunch
of food for afterwards. All the missionaries came. It was super good,
super spiritual. I went into the water with him and baptized him.
Great experience. I love it when I can baptize someone, but I'd like
it better if members would do it. It creates a lasting bond. But, I
really am so, so thankful. I loved it:)

We ate and then chatted with the members, and then we cleaned
everything up and went home. We were invited to eat with the Seamonus.
A Samoan family. They make you eat. Literally. Literally. It was so
good... But it was so much. I was way full afterwards. We took the
left overs. Afterwards we finished our studies.

Sunday was good, Ed was confirmed. He wanted me to "put the ghost on
him" but I told him that brother Nelson could do it too. So Nelson did
it. It was a great prayer. Sprint was very strong. We then... Guess
what...,ate with the Houskeepers! We taught them more German and it
was great. I still love them. Brother Houskeepers acts like he hates
me, but I know he doesn't:) they said I sounded German when I spoke.
Then we had call ins. Elder Hall and I have been laughing and having a
good time. Finally!

Today, we just got done playing some intense ball. We played vs
Saarbrücken and won. I am tired now, exhausted. I played my hardest.
Hehe.  I got a hair cut today... And it is super funky. Hehe. I look
Türkisch. Naja, it's ok. Hair grows:)

Well guys. That's all I have. We have a busy week planned and I can't
wait to get going. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to talk to
you again. Skype is coming up fast. And then, I'll be home with you.
But I'm having a crazy good time here. I love it! Things are looking

I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. I love praying and I
can't wait to show you my testimony by example.

Love you. Really! Thank you for everything.

Love elder James

Von meinem iPad gesendet

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