Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

"This was a great week
and we had transfer calls on Sunday night. I am staying in this area
with Elder Stevenson. Our entire district of 8 is staying expect two.
E Brian who is going home from his 2 yrs. and E Rummler who finally
got his visa for Brazil after being out 14 months. It will be good to
see what this next transfer brings. I will hit my bumb in December. I
will be at 6months Dec 11. I am excited.

This will be a shorter letter but it will include the super good
stuff. This week I filled my first Journal and was so surprised i did
too.  But we had trouble meeting with people. We are cleaning out our
closet lets say and dropping people who just are not progressing. We
had a great time watching GC with Anita and her kids. Her daughter
Anija is getting baptized on Nov 30 and asked me to do it. I am so
pumped. Then on Thursday as we were ridding to District meeting a man
stopped E Stevenson and was wondering if we were the Mormons. He was
so excited we were and he wanted Stevensons name so he could remember
the first Mormon he shook hands with. His name is Anatole. He is from
Africa and speaks french and English. Super cool guy. We met with him
the very next day and taught him the Plan of Salvation. We put him on
date to be baptized on Nov 30 as well. He was reluctant saying that
would be to soon but we clarified that it was a goal to shoot for and
he was really only agreeing to do his best to learn and grow before
that day. We also told him he would not know everything and that
baptism is an act of faith. He was comforted and is just so cool!
Stevenson is an amazing teacher. He used great analogies that fit the
person so well. He is so sincere. I loved it. We taught so well
together and it was just so cool! The bad news is that Anatole is not
in our area. He is about 2 streets up out of it. So we will be giving
him off to the North Elders this week.

We had a great turnout at church. Our numbers that we report dont look
like it we had no non members come. Anatole was working so he could
not. But we had a lot of LA that we have been working with a lot.
Anita and her family are i guess now fully active and sis Onyeka is
making a lot of progress. She has not missed a week for a long time.
Sis Galloway came as well and we had a good lesson on family history.
She is doing well. Umm so ya that is the jist of life here. I am sorry
again for the short letter. I love you all so much and am so thankful
that I have such an amazing family. I love you and i look forward to
your emails."

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