Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Jared Anderson in Brazil

"So conference was officially amazing. We saw so many little miracles this week i was reminded that our Father in Heaven knows each of us very personally. For the reasons of elections here in Brazil this week was a little crazy. As we waited for the bus on Sunday to take us to the church for conference i had great fear of being very late because it takes about 30 minutes to arrive there. The roads were packed and it was 12 35, and the bus still hadnt showed up. I prayed that thebus would arrive so that we might watch conference on time. Within about 45 seconds there the bus was and ourdriver had appeared to have been training for the indinapolis 500 for quite some time, we arrived at the church and were seated at 12:55 i was so grateful for Our Father in Heavens mercy to two 19 year old misssionaries. I know this is the only true and restored Gospel on the face of the earth. President Thomas S monson is the Lords prophet and guides us in these latter days. I lvoe you all"

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