Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Anderson in Brazil

     "First i want to apologize because i wasnt able to respons personally to everyone. Since it is transfers, our time on the computers is shorter than normal so ya, sorry.
     I am so excited for this last transfer. I am going to train a new missionary from São Paulo, Elder Lima, he will be fresh out of the MTC and he will get here tomorrow. I am so excited! I had decided this long before but i reaffirmed that this missionary and i will work so hard and he will be trained so well these six weeks that his potential will be enormous. To be honest i was a little discouraged with my last companion because it seemed like he was the one dying not me! I will work like a mad horse, i dont know if that makes sense in english but it does in Portuguese. 
     This Sunday in church, one of our super elect investigators bore his testimony and it was his first time in church. I was sure impressed because he was nervous about going to church thinking that someone would call on him to talk or something of the sort, so he was apprehensive to visit. It turns out that in the middle of fast and testimony meeting, he stood up and bore his testimony. He talked about how he would like to one day be a member and that he felt something different in his heart when he was there. I was so amazingly happy and relieved when he said that. (relieved because you always get a little nervous when a recent convert or an investigator goes up to the pulpit, never knowing what they are going to say.)
     This week in my studies, i studied a little bit about the nothingness of man. ( inspiring topic, i know.) In Moses we read about his talk with God, then the encounter with Satan. In 1:10 it reads, "And it came to pass that it was for the space of many hours before Moses did again receive his natural strength like unto man; and he said unto himself: Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed." Then in Heleman 12:7  it reads, "O how great is the nothingness of the children of men; yea, even they are less than the dust of the earth." Heleman wasn't worried too much about hurting feelings here, he was telling it like it is. We always here that we are the best, that we have been reserved for the last days, and then we find scriptures that say we are nothing? Continuing in Heleman 12:8  it reads, "For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God." The dust ALWAYS obeys and sometimes we are rebelious. We are nothing, "without God." Without God, we are less than the dust of the earth. An explination is found in Moses 1:13 " And it came to pass that Moses looked upon Satan and said: Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee?" We are children of our Heavenly Father, we are made his image, he is real and has a tangible body. We have the potential to become like him, but to become like him  and be where he is, we have to do what he would day or what he would WANT us to do. 
     I know sometimes it is discouraging. Even missionaries get discouraged and everybody thinks that we always have all the answers. I know the gospel is true. I have taught it for two years and learned about it for many more. This is the only path to eternal happiness and eternal life. I love you all."

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