Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

"and another one bites the dust:)
 well this week was a good week a little slow but its all good:) this week i had the chance to switch off with the zone leaders and the companion i got is a khon thai so as you can imagine i feel like my thai really picked up but there was also a lot of quiet silences:) i only know so much thai:) the we have one investigator who is pretty solid i believe i am going to have the opportunity to baptize here this week in a river which is going to be sweet:) i am excited we invited a lot and i did get a few numbers i think we will get a few more investigators this week:) so we were biking to get mail this week and on the way there i decided to turn the corner to sharp or something and well i crashed again haha i guess my petal caught something and i fell off my bike and roll onto my back humbled of course because the people watching:) yeah i guess you gotta learn to laugh sometimes:) and happier news we did get more free bananas:) but one thing i have learned this week is missions are different they are exciting but difficult but when it comes down to it its all on you. its all on you if your going to learn the language or not or simply get someones number:) 
I love you guys" 

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