Thursday, October 2, 2014

Words from Elder Eli Frazier in the Peru

"Let me start by saying earlier this week i went to Lima to do my migrations stuff and let me tell you all that i ate! I had Subway, Starbucks ;) Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and I was also able to buy some Mt Dew and Dr Pepper! I definelty took advantage of being in the big city! On my way to Lima (Its a 4 hour bus ride) I left my suitcase with so much stuff in it on the bus! And so on our way to check to see if it was at the bus station i said first a prayer of thanks for everything and my saftey and then i said another prayer asking that my bag would be there. And it was! I thought it was gone for sure, especially here. That is simply the power of prayer.

Well this past pday we got to go to the beach and played capture the flag and had a push up contest, which i won ;) hahaha sorry yes i know i need to work on being humble. but i won a tie for doing the most! And also this past week we were back to cold showers! And we found the problem was that we just didnt have enough water pressure, so we fixed that and have hot water again:)

Also this Sunday is the voting elections for Peru and its been crazy with all this campaignig and what not. So everything will be closed Sunday when they vote and we wont have church so im not sure what the missionaries will be told to do. But yeah thats the update for this week, no baptisms yet but we have plans for one lady on the 18 of this month and a few other people on 1 of november! So i hope it all works out!"

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