Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

Dear Family,

こんにちは! Sorry, I had to, mom started her letter with Spanish :) haha!
Anywho this week was great!  It was transfer week, and sister ipson,
transferred!  But Sister Nash and I stayed the same.  Now we have a
new sister in the apartment named Sister Hubner.  She actually
replaced me last year in Okegawa.  It's always fun to talk with
missionaries who have served where you served.  Speaking of that, last
night we had dinner with a single return missionary and Meirin.  Well,
the RM, Fukushima Shimai actually served in the Tokyo mission!  I
asked her where and she had served in Oyama!  What?!  It was way fun
talking to her about the members there.  She knew most of them.  I
love that, so much!  Anyway, since I already brought that up, we had
dinner last night with them, and it went ok.  Sadly Meirin isn't
interested in learning the gospel.  But she is so sweet and has so
much potential.  Her day will come someday!  I just know it!

We also got to teach Arisa this week.  She is doing so good!  Her
whole family came to church this week, and this is her third Sunday,
and she has already changed.  Before they would show up in jeans, and
t shirts, Arisa always wore a skirt, but the little boys didn't do
anything different, but this Sunday they were all on time sitting in
the pew, had their hair done, bow ties, slacks, and they all just
looked so good!  In japanese we say suteki!  They looked great, and it
was just fun!  We will be meeting her again, and it really looks like
she will be able to hit her day.  We just need to teach her the
commandments.  It's way fun teaching her, and her cute family!

We also got to meet with a couple other people.  All super nice, and
willing to listen, but not necessarily ready to progress.  We also met
with mina, and she told us she wasn't interested, because if she
became Christian her family would be angry, and family is important to
her and she wants to remain united with them.  So sad, but we
challenged her to keep reading the Book of Mormon.  And she is still
able to meet with us sometimes.

This week we couldn't meet with shi chan, but an old investigator from
Okegawa days, named miyu found out I was in Tokyo and came to the
Mexican fiesta to see me.  Oh, ya, the Mexican fiesta!  I love sharing
a building with the English Ward!  I had Mexican food!  And tons of
our investigators, less actives and PIs came.  It was so much fun!  I
took some pics.  Activities are so good for missionary work!  It
really helps give the investigators a non threatening way to come to
church and get to know people.  Way good!

We also had a miracle with a less active family, the Sawamuras.  We
have tried to visit and contact them all last transfer, and we finally
were able to see them.  She even let us in to her house, which has
never happened before, according to Sister Nash.  And she asked us to
please come again and Reteach her and her family!  Yay!  We also met
with Noguchi San and she brought two of her friends to choir practice
on Sunday.  Way cool!  I love it when PIs do contacting for you!

All in all, a great week.  Got to see lots of people.  Also had a mini
zone meeting, and it was one of the most spiritual experiences ever.
I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and unity.  When we are united
with one another and the lord through prayer, we can accomplish great

Love you all!  Keep on being awesome!  I know that this is truly the
lords work, and when we pray, and unite with Him, we can accomplish
big things.  The lord always has a plan and he will always help and
guide us.  We never need to fear, just trust Him.  Love you!


Sister Herring

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