Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Shad Lindsey in the Ukrane

"Hey ya'll,
I hope you had a great week! Conference wa pretty awesome! I only sawe the Saturday night session, but still it was so good. How'd ya'll like Elder Klebingat's talk? That is honestly everything he ever taught me in a zone conference, or in a mission leadership council summed up in 10 minutes. Be obedient, dont compain or make excuses, repent always, and my favorite one, WORK OUT!  He is insane about working out. He ran a 10 k every morning. He is just nuts with it, but its awesome. i lvoe and respect him so much. He taught me so much, and though he is really bold and calls it how it is, he loves the Lord and he loves all of us. It was just so sick seeing him on tv!
Well this was a really good week honestly. Right now I'm up in Chernihiv, where I started my mission. I love this beautiful little city. I have changed a lot since I was here last year, but I know I can still change a lot more before I head home.
We did a good job this week at talking with everyone. On buses, at bus stops, in the parks, just everywhere. Its hard getting people to stop, but when we do its always awesome. Or just weird. I had a lady tell me that she was moses ressurected into  a womens body named marina...Ya I dont even know.
I'm still trying to work on confidence when I'm talking to people. Its something I've struggled with my whole mission. It seems like once people here my american accent, they just walk right by. But its good, I'm workin oin my accent and I'm gettin more confident!
I love you and hope you have a great week."

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