Thursday, October 2, 2014

Words from Elder Ryder Nielsen in the Phillippines

"As my mission comes closer to an end i can hardly believe it. I still feel as new as ever and yet i am looked upon as the missionary that has been around the block many times. I made the mistake of thinking my mission would become easier and easier as time went on but it has been proven to me the opposite. I guess the Lord will be testing my faith all the way to the end. Times are kinda rough right now but i am trying to stay high minded. I liken my mission to the journey of Lehi and his family in the wilderness, they had traveled for many years and finally came to the seashore which land they called bountiful because of its much fruit and substance to sustain their lives. they had settled down nice in this wonderful paradise when the Lord called Nephi to build a ship and continue their journey to the promised land. At this time in my mission i feel probably as Laman and Lemuel did after Nephi had made known to them the plans the Lord had in store for them. They responded with complaining and murmuring, Why do we have to go further? Why do we have to have more burdens placed upon our backs? We have reached a nice comfortable destination, why do we need to press on? As i contemplate my circumstances i can't help but relate myself to the things they were feeling. This complaining lead to the chastisement of their younger brother setting their attitude straight with sharp words and after wards even shocked them using the power of God. Sadly enough i can even liken myself to Laman and Lemuel in those regards as you might recall as i almost lost my life do to electrocution just a year ago haha. I am grateful for the good and bad examples the book of mormon gives to us that we may act according to the will of the Lord in times of our hardship. With that said, i know because of the perseverance and faith of Lehi's family through their trials and hardships they recieved a land of promise and a glorious blessing for their children and childrens children. I am not sure what blessing the Lord has in store for me but i know i will not receive it only according to my faith and perseverance to the end. I know God lives because of the hard times i have faced and do face at this time. That truth i hold near and dear to my heart. I know in the end I can take a step back and know with the up most assurance that Gods hand was in it all and I was never forsaken. Of these truths i testify not just for the comfort of my own soul but for any of you that might be wading through deep water in the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

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