Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas

"Getting the chance to hear from the general authority's, apostles, and prophet was the highlight of my week, i learned allot and felt bad as the spirit sharply helped me discover my weaknesses. right after i wrote some goals down the first goal was "help others as i would like to be helped being in their situation" in the mission i have ran into allot of people that needed to be helped at the beginning i would feel crushed seen what trials they are going threw and i would do all the power in my part to help out, but over time i have seen how my body has been adapting and feeling more and more careless running into situations like that. i have seen it so much it was not a surprise to me i became numb to the feeling to help, thoughts would come in to my head " if you would just stop smoking" " maybe if you would follow gods commandments you would see your father help out more"  i have realized that my natural man has effected my care for others because i have seen so much blessings in my life i have forgotten about those that struggle, yes they may not be following the commandments but its my job to help them by inviting them to stop and to be their for them to help. i have been lazy and have not done the best i could to help them. i have noticed this in myself for a while now and hearing in general conference the talk about helping the needy and poor has confirmed to me that it is time to step it up. just as king Benjerman taught in Mosiah " just as you are in the service of your fellow being you are in the service of god"   our father in heaven needs our help, because of the fact he cant be here physically he needs us to be used in his service to help those in need. after setting this goal and praying that i would do a better job that night we got a call from our ward mission leader to go see a less active family, we did and come to find out they have no money and in 3 days they were going to get kicked out of their home. i knew at that time this opportunity was given to me to help this family the best i could. we went over scriptures and their testimony and left a blessing upon their home i felt the love of my father as the women of the home had tears fall down her cheek and knew everything would be okay. i bare my testimony with the apostles and prophets that i know this work is true and that our father in heaven pleads for our help in this work that is so important. i am grateful for my savior and redeemer and i extend my love to all of you in the name of jesus Christ Amen."

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