Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

"Hello family! This was a good week. Not much exciting happened but it
was fun. Nothing good happened until Wednesday so I will start there.

Wed... Regular morning but man it was hard to get up for some reason.
It felt like 45 lbs plates were on my eyelids. It was bad. But up I
went and began. I prepared a workshop I had to give on meaningful goal
setting. Our mission is pushing for more lessons and all but the
missionaries are taking it as the leadership does not care about
people only numbers. Well no! That is the only way they can measure,
They know that there is a name behind every number. It is irratating
hearing them complain. But it was a good workshop. We had a lesson
with Sister Luna today. She is so silly. Then we met with Bessie. She
is the baptist minister. we are trying to get her to church and her
grandkids are even pressuring her to come. She really does want to but
her pastor has her play a key part in her program. So she is trying to
work it out. She is coming to the Why I Believe at the VC though. We
then had a good ward coordination and bible study with one person. We
discussed the different plates and content of the BOM.  it was super
good to relearn that and clarify it.

Thur... The day i gave my workshop at District Meeting. The group is
all a little sick and we were all super tired so it was wild... not...  But
it went well and we went to Subway after. It was good. We had our
appointments cancel and so we checked up on fake referrals. That gets
irratating when people give you fake info. But we are supposed to be
around there anyway. I also got a new chain for my bike because my
other one was being dumb. It was beyond repair a Bro in the ward said.
So It is better. Still a few things to break it in but better. We dont
bike much anyway because Stevenson does not want to. grrr. so lazy...
When getting my bike chain at Walmart we met a guy named John. Super
cool and he came up to us as we were unlocking our bikes. He asked
about our missions and church authority. It was super cool and we are
going to try to watch GC with him.

Fri... Today we had interviews. We had fun waiting because we got to
talk with all the other missionaries in the zone. It is so fun. Then
in my interview president mentioned how he knew about my baking. haha
I laughed but it was a good interview. He did not say if I was leaving
or staying this transfer though so idk. Afterwards we went to Costco for
lunch. I need to buy a costco card. I love that store. I had a frozen
yogurt, hot dog, drink, and half a pizza. It was really good. But not
the best for me. I shared with Elder Brian. He goes home in three
weeks! NOOOO I love that guy! He is from Las Vegas and is a total
redneck and so fun! We at night taught sis Onyeka. She is still
jobless but she comes to church and seems to be very happy when
she is there. It is good seeing the difference that it makes in
peoples lives.

Sat... MY 4 MONTH MARK!!!! I have been out for 4 months! WHAT!!!!! I
got to go on exchanges with E Porter and it was a much needed break.
It is nice not having someone singing in the background literally
24/7. We went contacting for a long time and it was to no avail not a
single person cared. It was the first time on my mission that i did
not get any phone numbers. The people were cranky today. It was cold
and rainy but still... We talked to Ben Coleman who still comes to
church and he blesses the sacrament but he is no help in getting his
family to church. He is a punk. AHHHH!!!! We had a great lesson with
Annita. She has made so much progress since i got here. She has not
missed church in weeks and is active in all sorts of stuff. Her
daughter is going to be baptized.  Then we met with Sis Galloway. She
was babysitting her neice. She is so cute! We had a good lesson. We
watched the talk by Pres Uchtdorf from the Womans broadcast. It was good.

Sun... I love our ward. Ok so when we were standing out front
welcoming people Sis Dona Ferris-Jenkins who welcomes all of the
visitors at the end of sacrament meeting came up to comment about my
poundcake i had delivered to her. She came up and said,"Ohhhhhhh it
was sooooooo gooooooood. Oh Delicious! If you were a little older...
(wink)" It cracked me up. I love her so much. I sent a picture of her.
We had a great time and the talks in sacrament meeting really helped
me. I had so many prayers and questions answered in the last talk.
Then we had a great evening contacting and the Walker family made us
some stuffed shells. SO GOOD! Overall it was a super day.

So ya that is my life. I am loving it hear and am learning lots. I am
so grateful for your support and love. I miss you all and i look
forward to your letters. Thank you again and I love you!!!!!"

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