Thursday, October 2, 2014

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

"Hallo Hallo Familie

I have a really dumb keyboard and I am having a frustrating time with English. Gosh. It is really hard. It is like I can't comprehend English anymore... it is really weird. So yeah haha

With regard to winter stuff... I think I will be ok. For my birthday? No idea. Candy is good. Letters are good. Everything will be great.

This week was pretty good. We went on less active go bys and tried to find more people to teach. We visited with Bruder Köster again. He is still awesome. I feel like I am in Solingen for him.

We also visited another less active member. His name is Stan. But missionaries call him Stan der mann. That guy is awesome! He is a short little firecracker. Gosh he is so funny. He was freuing himself over a book. A really werid buch. About a fake country or something. BUT he came to chruch after we visited him! SO sweet!

Our investigators are still busy or sick. So that is lame. But we can't control it... so we don't get stressed!

We met with a Familie yesterday. They live in an awesome house and have a view from a big window. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I couldn't even believe it.

I love it here some much!

They gave us dessert... and of course it was sour milch. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SOUR MILCH!!? Hahaha I am just unlucky. Eh... it was actually kinda good. They aksed me if I studied German at BYU. I told them no. They were suprised. They asked if i took German in school. I said no. They really couldn't believe it. They actually thought that I had been out for more than a year, too. hahaha SO i guess my German is going pretty well. But not my English. I can't figure out how to spell in English anymore. It is actually frustrating.

On Saturday... we went to the huge Brücke in Solingen. It is the biggest bridge in Germany. We scouted it out for pday today. So that is where we are going. It is really cool. It is like a park.

Gosh I don't have much to say this week. We are going to Düsseldorf tomorrow for zone training. So that will be fun. I am kinda pressed for time right now... so this email will be short. Sorry haha

I love it here. I love the people. Ah it is so awesome!

Spiritually... I read something cool today. Alma teaching Helaman about prayer and what not... and then started talking about the Liahona.

I thought... well that is unfair... why did they get the Liahona to guide them through life... while we have to do it on our own? Then it hit me. DUH. We have great Liahonas in our lives! Scriptures! Prayer! Der heilige geist! Prophets! and..... PARENTS! hahaha

So when you feel like you are going through life on your own... Read, pray, and listen. I promise that when you do that... you will find the way. You will find peace, and joy. Heavenly Father wants you to be happy... just read pray and listen!

I know it will help. Listen to mom and dad. They are awesome parents!

I love guys! Stay strong! READ PRAY LISTEN!

Find joy together.

Love God.

Love everyone.

And remember Jesus.

Really love... I love you guys!"

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