Monday, October 27, 2014

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

"Why Hello family! how is life treating you? It is going great here in
DC. It is starting to get super cold! But it is only October so I am
probably going to die in January. I hope this next transfer I am moved
to a car area. I love this ward and this area but not enough to stay
for the winter! haha Just teasing I would be fine staying but I would
not be mad in a car. We are still not having any luck finding people
but we will keep going. We are going to be visiting a lot of members
this week to see if they will A.) Come to church. B.) invite a friend
or recommend one for us to teach. That is where we find success. It is
through members. So all of you reading this you need to find people to
share the gospel with. It is what makes us happy and it is what we
need to do as members.

I am going to baptize someone now! Annita who
was a Less active has a daughter who is 8. Annita is now active again
and progressing like no other and her daughter Annija now wants to be
baptized. They do not like missionaries to baptize members but she is
practically a convert and she said she asked me to because she is sure
everyone else will drop her. :) I am so pumped!

Tue... ok today was the day of epic failure. It all started with
lunch. I had purchased some meat from Walmart that was on sale. It was
27% fat... so... no good meat. I made it into several hamburgers. They
tasted super good but they crumbled and would not stay together. I was
able to convince E. Porter to give me one of his Idaho Potatoes sent
to him. I put that in the meat. It was divine. When I cooked them
though I have never seen so much grease come from anything in my life.
It was so gross! Then later we were at the church to prepare for
watching some GC with people who missed it. It took me two hours to
figure it out. And NO it was not because I am retarded it is because
we did not have the correct cable to connect the ROKU box to the
projector. so the main reason for the super long time was we had to
wait for Bro Linzou, 1st counselor of the Bishopric to bring the right
one. So we had good family history time and FB time. Annita came and
she loved it. You could tell it was a lot for her to take in but she
needed it. We also had a great FHE. Mostly because of the brownies and
ice cream after. :)

Wed...Wet Wednesday... Today i saw the most wet stuff fall from the
sky than i have ever seen before! I think it is called rain. I sent a
video of that day. It was so much water!! WOW! We were out contacting
and knocking doors when it happened. We first off were not having any
luck and people were kind of mad that we even said hi to them, so
weird. But it started pouring. it came on fast too.  I unlocked my bike
as it was starting to sprinkle then before I had gone 20 yards on my
bike I could not get even more wet. I was soaked. I could not see
anything! The rain was so thick! That video I sent is as it was
calming down about 4 hours after we were in it. We were closer to the
church so we went there. We also got a call from the AP's saying that
the entire mission needs to go indoors. It was that bad. Also there
was a tornado warning so that might be the true reason but it was
canceled before the call out by the AP's. We had a good ward
coordination that night after we were nice and dry inside. We had a
divine enchilada dinner too!  I love Mexican food any way i can get it!
No one that we needed to see came to Bible Study so we went contacting
and I met a super cool guy named Grant. He played Football at Iowa and
his wife is looking for a new church. We can help with that! We are
going to try to meet with him and his wife. He is so cool!

Thurs... District Meeting and Weekly planning. E. Humphrey who is our
DL is awesome! He did a workshop where we read Alma 26 and talked
about it. YOU ALL NEED TO READ THAT CHAPTER!!!!! Well the whole book
of Mormon but that chapter is good to! He has an amazing testimony and
the biggest heart ever! I love him and our district so much! We had
planning and then went out after to check on some referrals. We had a
super cool.... fake address. again. But we talked to people over there
because we were supposed to be there. I started the Cafe Rio chicken
today to. IT IS AMAZING!!! Thank you so much mom for that! It was
sooooo goood!!!! We were able to see sis Bonner that night and talk to
her. She needed to talk and we love listening so it was good. It was
so funny she says she is super shy but I have met few people who talk
as much as she does. :)

Fri... Today we were able to see Bro Belemu. He is a great guy who
always has a few friends sitting outside with him. It is fun. Then we
saw Bessie. She is the Baptist minister. She has been sick and we gave
her a blessing. She is so cool and we are going to try to get her to
come to our church one of these sundays she wants to and her kids do
but she has obligations at her other church. But she is trying. We
love her. We also got to see Sis Luna and get juice. :) I love that.
We are going to for sure visit her when we come visit in a few years.
She told me I have to. :) At night we had the Young Single Adults
building grand opening. It is the old chapel by Columbia Heights that
has been empty for years. It is now going to have a lot of super cool
stuff in it to help local YSA people of all Faiths. good turn out to.

Sat... We were at the zoo all day! We did a finding activity out
front. We met some cool people and some not so nice ones here. I loved
what this one man said to me. He was telling me he was Muslim but not
like any others. He considers himself to be a reborn Muslim. He said
that if I asked him 15 years ago if he believed in God he would say
yes. He then said,  "ask me now" so I asked if he believed in God and
he said, "NO! I do not believe in God... I Know there is a God." I
loved the whole conversation with him as he bore powerful witness of
his experience with God. It just continued to remind me that there are
really good people everywhere! I love DC! We also had a chance to see
Sis Galloway. She is doing well. Her grandkids are going through a lot
of struggles but she is doing her best to love and help them. She is
so cool! We taught Family History.

Sun... Best day of the week! We had a super good sacrament meeting
with a transplant couple giving a talk before they returned for their
home ward. They talked about how bad things happen to good people and
that we need to rely on Christ to get through it, understand it, and
grow from it. It was great. Then Umu who is a recent convert from I
think June this year gave her first lesson. She taught on Charity. Umu
is so amazing! you would love her testimony. Then A lesson on prayer
in priesthood. We need to take time to plan out prayer. Think of who
and what we need to pray for before. Prepare for it. YOU ARE TALKING
TO GOD!! Then we had our first dinner appointment. The ward mission
leader Bro Wade feeds the missionaries once a year or so. We went to
his home and I helped prepare and make a lot of the food. His wife is
so cool! great cook, kind, and so genuine. They are such a cool
family. We had lasagna and it was divine! We loved talking in a non
formal setting and it was great. We then went to the Walker families
Bday party for their 1yr old named Suki. She is so Cute! They are also
great cooks. We were only able to stay for a short while because of
Why I Believe but we got to see them do the PiƱata and man there were
a lot of members that I love there so it was great. YOU WOULD LOVE
THESE PEOPLE! We were super disappointed for Why I Believe though. We
had 4-8 people who could come and only got two darn. They were members
who were going anyway not a single less active or investigator. It was
such a perfect night for them to come to! We had Bro/Sis Castro who
were both former Pastors of about 10-15 years each. They went to
school and everything they are fairly young still but they were
converted about a year ago. They were incredible and they spoke like
pastors but with true doctrine! It was so funny Sis Castro in her talk
said that when she was still a pastor and while investigating the
church she began to quote apostles in her sermons :) HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
It was so funny!! she said people would come up and comment much more
on her incredible sermon and she would be thinking, " I know right?!"
It was great. I am going to try to get a copy of the event to you
guys. If I get a terabyte for my bday i might be able to get this one
and Dennis Pita's next month and all the other super cool videos and
events that I see all the time that you dont get to!

Mon... Today we had a zone activity early. We did sunrise pictures at
the Mall and had a great breakfast followed by an amazing race. The
mall in 2 miles long and the ZL had taken pictures and assigned
challenges to weird places and monuments that we had to find and do to
win. Our group came in a close second. Technical errors caused our
defeat. Then I was able to go on an exchange with E. Jensen and lift
it was so nice being able to lift again! We then played chess at there
apartment and talked. It was super nice.

So that is my life. I am sorry for the long letter. I just like to
share life here. It is so good and fun. I love you all and thank you
for your support. I have one suggestion. You should for your next
letter make a video of you talking so I can see your face and hear
your voice. It would be cool :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!
PS I hope you get better Sister Crosby! I am sorry to hear about that
and I hope that all goes well. i love you! You are tougher than an old
truck! ;)"

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